February 06, 2017

Some Dos and Don’t’s of SoundCloud

Dos on SoundCloud


Keep sharing your tracks. When you have a new track to post, announce it. You may use other social network sites to do that. You can tweet it or share it as a link elsewhere. Share a note on your audio composition, updates, and reviews. Write an interesting anecdote about your audio to keep other users on their toes in anticipation to know what is behind the music.


Leave a well thought out note on other users’ tracks. The more comments you give, the more attention you draw to yourself. Commenting on other people’s tracks invites other users to your profile page, so write creatively. You may write a comprehensive review, or simply what you feel upon listening to a track. Write something that will highlight the artist in you. Write something you would like to get when you buy get comments.


Add more tags to your tracks. The more you add, the higher the chances that your track will show up in search engines. You must make sure you add relevant tags because the search engine can flag you for abuse.


Follow other artists to be followed. When you follow another user, there are chances are that you will be followed in return. As a result, you give each other the additional exposure online.

Don’t’s on SoundCloud


Do not force fellow musicians to look at your tracks by posting annoyingly self-serving comments on your own. Chances are that they will just ignore your comment. Worse, the community might ban you.

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